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Historical Club Notices

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CLUB Notices

[Recent Notices are published on our Facebook page.]

25th June - National championships at K2 Crawley, let Roy know if you want to enter and we'll see you there :-)

5th June 2016 - Regional course at the Bath university sports centre from 11-2pm - see Brian or Roy (both going)

Ice skating on the 30th Dec 15 at John Nike Wokingham - see you on the ice 2pm :-) All welcome

Grading dates are up now on the Gradings page

Congratulations to Brian and Martyn who attended the November 2015 Course in Belgium to take their next set of international licences. Brian is the clubs latest examiner achieving his 'D' licences and Martyn earning his next level 'C' examiner licence - Well done both!

Four Nations championships 31st October 2015 at the K2 - see Roy for entry to the competition.

Autumn course at the K2 Crawley 11th -13th September 2015. all grades welcome.

National Championships 27th June 2015. K2 Crawley. Looking forward to the event and a strong team from Readingskc.

Brilliant result for all our students who passed their grading on the 17th March 2015. Well Done to you all!
Thanks also to Sensei Sanna who took the grading and also for the excellent lesson.

Well Done To Jack (Jacek) for passing his 2nd Dan grading yesterday at the Copper Box - Great result!

All Grades course on 14th February at a great venue in Copper Box, Stratford London at the Olympic Park.

Next Grading - 17th March 2015 6.30 start

Christmas party on 13th December - Thanks to everyone who came and had a great time.

Congratulations Martyn for Passing his international licences for 'C' level referee and instructors plus his 'D' licence for examiners.

Well done and a fantastic result for Shekinah for coming 5th in here category for Kumite at the Funakoshi Gichin Cup in Tokyo! Excellent result to for Lucy who won a number of rounds in the cadet category. We're very proud of you both! see the pics here

Good Luck to Shekinah and Lucy who leave soon for the Funakoshi Gichin Cup world karate championship from 17th, 18th and 19th October, 2014 at Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan. Martyn King is also going to The JKA HQ to take his next set of exams for Instructors, referees and examiners licenses. Good luck Martyn! Roy will also be flying out to support them all in their adventures. I'm sure they will all have a great time and also have a fantastic experience.

Congratulations to Shekina for passing her Shodan in May 14. Also on the same course, Brian and Martyn passed the International 'D' Instructors licence and Martyn also gained his 'D' Licence for referees. Well done both!! The course was well attended by our club members with Heather, Rod, Neil, Jack, Robert, Gavin, Mark, also attending so hope even more can come to the next course in Hatfield 8th June.

Grading charges - March 2014, please note the new grading charge going forward as £20 (Grading + Training - and £12 for training only. Unfortunately cost of hall and running costs have caused this increase however we're still less than most other grading centres!!

Congratulations to Lucy Harverson who passed 2nd Dan and Mark Boyer for getting his Shodan black belt at the Wellingborough course Feb 14. Well Done!

Now the festives are coming to an end, don't forget to come back training from the 2nd Jan.!

Yes it's bowling on the 27th Dec 10.30am at Reading bowl.

Grading in the 19th Nov - 6.30pm start - train HARD!! £18 gradng and training. All should attend for at least the training 6.30-8pm, Grading afterwards. (£10 training only)

Christmas dinner at the Griffin in Caversham on the 11th December. See Roy or Rod to get your name down to come for the party!

Reading SKC with Shimizu Sensei on the Autumn 10th Anniversary course 2013

Well Done to everyone who took part in our charity raising evening. Were toting up the total still so make sure you bring all your donations in over the next week. Thanks for you're support! UPDATE - we raise over £400 for St Barnabas so thank you all for your help!!

Charity fundraising evening Thursday 12th September 13. We're holding an evening of events to raise money for the JKAE charity House of St Barnabas. See Roy and Brian for more details.

Congratulations to Sensei King who passed his 4th Dan on the Spring course in May 2013 under Sensei Osaka. Important lessons were learned by those who didn't pass and we will support them in attaining their goals. Well done to everyone who attended and I know we didn't get a group picture with everyone.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Christmas dinner last night, a really great night was had by all! Well done Roy and Rod for sorting it all out!

Thanks to everyone who came to the Hatfield course and grading, Sensei Gneo was the guest instructor from Belgium and he is a very knowledgeable instructor with a great lesson given to all.

Bit late and even though I'm writing it but well done to Sensei Brian for becoming the Central Region representative for the JKAE.

What another Great weekend! The 4 Nations cup 2012 was well represented by ReadingSKC with Kaisha, Shakina, Lucy, Gene, Cole, Leroy and Paul. It was good to see the standard of Karate was very good at the event from them all and we won some medal too!! Lucy, Shakin, Kaisha and Gene all gained medals in their groups. Check the events section soon for a write up. Also thanks to Martin Dixon for coaching our team and Roy and Martyn for Refereeing and Brian and Heather for timekeeping. Of course our thanks go to the parents for their support of their kids and the club.

JKAE are holding a new annual competition called The 4 Nations Cup. It is open to any JKA England member of any grade from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. The first competition will be held on Sunday, 4th November 2012 at the Excel Leisure Centre, Walton on Thames, Surrey, Contact Roy or Brian to have you entered.

Just a note to say well done to me (Brian) for gaining his 4th Dan at the spring course...feel a bit weird writing about me!

National Championships at Montem sports centre, Slough July 2012, report in the competitions section, but Well done to everyone who attended the event. You all did fantastically well - keep it up..

Congratulations to Lucy Harverson who is going with the JKAE squad to Paris (2nd and 3rd June) to compete in the JKA Paris European championships for children and Cadets - Well Done Lucy we are all very proud of you (and a bit jealous!)

Reading SKC hosted a Special training course on the 28th April 2012 with Sensei Stewart. Thank you to all who attended and to Sensei Stewart who put together a fantastic course for us all. (Photos are up to)

Congratulation go to Andy McCowen for passing his Nidan (2nd Dan) on sunday 19th Feb 12 in Bath, Fantastic kumite and 3 great katas!

Well Done to Lucy Harverson for being asked to attend the National Squad training sessions with Sensei's Ohta, Adel and Stewart - watch this space as a place on the team could be coming her way!

Well Done Martin Dixon for passing Shodan / Black belt on Sunday (25/9/11), a terrific kumite and thorough determination to gain his black belt after many years of training - in inspiration to us all and a reminder to never give up on your goals!

Well Done Shakina for gaining 2 gold medals - one for kata and the other for Kumite - at the recent Kyu Championships! more info to follow.

Lucy also continued her winning ways by gaining bronze in the black belt section with a fantastic Bassai Dai during the finals! more info to follow.

Just got news that we raised the 3rd highest amount (£1350) for the Dream come true chartity within the JKAE - Well done to you all!

Well Done to Lucy Harverson who passed her 1st Dan grading at the Bath course Feb 11, we look forward to you training as a black belt now! Cool

On Feb 15th, 17th and 18th we raised money for the kids charity Dreams Come True, we all performed a karate related event to raise some fund for these kids. We're totting it up and and will keep you posted for the final amount, Well done to everyone for their help! Click here for more info on the charity.

Follow us on FACEBOOK so login in and search for Reading Shotokan Karate club and your find us - Join up and Thanks to Mark for assisting with it all.

Check out the new JKAE attendance awards (in news + info)- click here for details!

Great JKAEngland Spring Course (2010) with a good turnout from Reading students and instructors!
We would encourage all students to attend these courses as we all learn so much from the best instructors from Japan.


5/12/09. Congratulations to Heather who passed her 1st Dan Black belt. Well Done, a great grading!!

Tuesday 23rd March 2010 next Grading at the Meadway sports centre, 6.30pm start with Sensei Tomlins. Bring your in-date license with you please.

National Summer Course August bank holiday weekend

All grades weekend course with the JKAE and JKA senior instructor - Some of our members pictured with Sensei Taniyama 6th Dan JKA instructor.

Grading 7th July at the Meadway Sports Centre

Well done to all who took their gradings this month. It is important to come training as soon as you pass as we will be teaching the next kata and you don't want to miss out!

Nationals 2009 - Well done to all who entered!

Check out the new video section if your logged in as a member to watch it.

Read more in our competition section too.

Some of the orginal instructors
Brian Gwyther, Martyn King, Rod Taylor and Roy Harverson - Reading SKC instructors.

with Sunni Puri and Roy Simms.

May 09 course attendies

Spring 09 Course attendees.

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