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Home Karate Articles Windsor Karate Course - 4th June 2017

Windsor Karate Course - 4th June 2017

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Windsor Karate Course - 4th June 2017

Author: James Earnshaw

On 4th June 2017, the JKAE had a 3 hour course run by Sensei Ohta, 7th Dan, at Windsor Leisure Centre. Many karateka turned up from clubs across the region, including 11 from my club, Reading SKC. With the help of Sensei’s Gary Stewart and Roy Tomlin, as well as many England squad members, the course was a huge success, with a lot of help and guidance throughout.

The session commenced with a minutes silence out of respect for those who had been killed in the London Terror Attack the night before, and then we began. The first hour consisted of the basics, such as a simple turn. However this was taught to perfection, and even though it is thought of as a simple technique, many realised adjustment was needed to correct some errors! One attendee described it as a light-bulb moment when he found out that that is the way it is supposed to be! Perfecting supposedly ‘basic techniques’ continued with a combination of Mae Geri and Yoko Geri Keage, adding in the proper way of turning, until our legs were aching and Sensei Ohta had decided to move on, emphasising the need for practise at our clubs and home.

After a short break the second hour commenced, with the emphasis on kumite. We started with Sanbon Kumite (3 step sparring). We practised the attacks and the defences on our own in our lines, and then moved on to face a partner. Once we’d finished 3 step sparring we moved onto 1 step sparring, and once again practised in our lines before facing an opponent. Once the more controlled sparring had been completed we stepped up a gear and did Jiyu Ippon Kumite. This is semi-freestyle kumite and was also practised on our own before going against a partner. To further educate us on competition style kumite we broke off into groups of 6, with 2 people fighting and the rest being judges and referees. We did this for all of the types of kumite we had tried, and not only helped those fighting but also give everybody an understanding of how to referee and judge each of the types of kumite. The emphasis of this session was on the importance of distance, and the smooth movement during the kumite .This was very enjoyable and led us into our final break.

The final hour consisted of Kata. We started off with Hein Shodan and did each kata, progressing up the grades, twice before moving on to the next kata. We did this for Hein Shodan up until Tekki Shodan. Sensei Ohta than split us up into 3 groups and timed us all doing a kata of his choice as he stated that 40-50 seconds is the time that should be taken over most Hein katas. The results were surprising, with times ranging from 20 seconds to 35, but still nowhere near the correct time. Sensei was not amused! After each group had completed 2 katas, Sensei had seen enough and decided to split the room into half, with one half doing Bassai Dai, and the other half doing Kanku Dai. Once these were completed there was a chance to practise Jion and Empi. This hour of kata flew by, and before long we were doing the warm down and packing up to leave!

Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable and educational session, with lots learnt by all. Now I cannot wait for the next one!

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