Reading Shotokan Karate Club

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All our instructors are Qualified, insured and DBS checked.

Our main instructors are:

Roy Harverson

I commenced training with the Reading SKC Jan 1984 under Sensei Roy Sims at our present Dojo. During the last 25 years I have also trained at many clubs in the Berkshire, Hampshire and Oxford areas and with many other Senseis.

I have regularly attended National courses run by Senseis Enoeda, Ohta and other top Japanese Senseis. Other activities included Kata & Kumite entry for local and national competitions on more than one occasion.

I have also trained and participated in many events run by the former EKGB and MAC organisations. This included events run by World class competitors Ticky Donavan, Vic Charles and Geoff Thompson.

I have been one of our club instructors for the last twelve years and have considered it a privilege to help our students progress in their mental and body karate techniques.

I do not find the practise of karate easy, however it is rewarding and I firmly believe that the morals and lessons that one learns in the DOJO are tools for life!

I currently hold the rank of SAN Dan (3rd DAN.) and Chief Instructor to the club.

I look forward to continuing my teaching and personal training with Reading Shotokan Karate club during the years to come.

Roy Harverson

Martyn King

For a while now this section has simply read "Sensei King - under construction" that I have felt has been quite an accurate description.

My first experience in martial arts was Kyushindo Judo that I practised from about 8 years old until I was 15. I loved it! I attended both the junior and senior training sessions that ran consecutively so my parents wouldn't see me on Tuesday nights or at all on Saturday - they loved it too! Unfortunately the club closed as the instructors retired so my martial arts training came to an abrupt halt.

I was only to look at martial arts again when I went to college. This was at just the same time as Student Bashing was a highly fashionable passtime. Having seen one of my friends put in hospital, Karate seemed like a good idea. Knowing I'd be moving on once the course finished, I wanted a popular style that was likely to have a club in any part of the country I would end up in, and Shotokan Karate was the most widely practised style. I was lucky enough to go to Exeter Karate Club run by Sensei Dave Collacott, a very well respected "old school" instructor.

When I came to Reading it didn't take too long to find this club. The club has the same values of emphasis on good technique being the foundation of good Karate. I arrived as a purple belt and I've slowly worked my way up through the grades.

I started Karate as a form of self defence, I continue to train now because I really enjoy passing on skills to others, and I continue to learn, improve and develop my own karate. I am still "under construction"

Martyn King

Martyn holds international qualifications for Instructor 'C' Level, Referee 'C' Level and Examiner 'C' Level

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